Women can be our own worst enemies

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By Nena, on Nov 8, 2010


In an article titled “The Soft War against Women,” Salon.com author Caryl Rivers discusses the modern day feminist movement.  The article is apparently an attempt to combat the idea that women are doing well.  Ms. Rivers claims that women are being asked by society to abandon their successful careers and return to the home.  She insists that women are, in fact, becoming our own worst enemies.  I tend to agree on that last point. 

Since grade school I have been told that as a female I am inherently held back, and since grade school I haven't had a clue what these people are talking about.  I do not feel that my being a woman has affected my grades or my salary, and that is because I have not let it.  Sure, some people have treated me differently than they would treat a man.  That is no surprise as I am not a man.  Men would have to treat each other better for me to want that anyway.

My mother told me that as class president, she lobbied (successfully) for girls to be able to wear pants to school.  She went on to be the first woman to work for the Chicago Board of Trade.  If you see a glass ceiling, try to break it!  Nothing good ever came easy.  

At the same time, we are expected to raise our children properly and teach them how to be the best they can be.  This should be expected of both parents, and if women do not demand this, no one else will.  We can continue the woe-is-me mindset or we can just accept the reality that we have to work for what we get regardless of our gender.  Everyone is born naked and helpless, and we shouldn't expect special treatment even if we, as women, sometimes receive it.  We need to motivate one another to achieve our goals, no matter what hurdles we're faced with!