National "Opt Out Day" a Success?

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By Nena, on Nov 25, 2010

When passing out flyers yesterday at the airport, the goal was simply to educate people.  There must be a reason why so many people don't mind the naked body scanners (or the possibly worse alternative of being groped). 

Some travelers had no idea about what the scanners did, and our flyers were successful in informing them.  Many travelers joked that they'd welcome being seen naked or being groped.  Many others thanked us for being there, adding that "we have to stop them."

The political divide in America seems to be between those of us who want the government to "do something" and those of us who want the government to stop doing so much.  Last night a woman approached me to tell me why I wasn't doing the right thing by encouraging people to opt-out of the naked body scanners.  I responded that searches of this nature are unconstitutional, and she responded: "Who cares if it's constitutional or not?  We're better off safe than sorry."  

Well, you know what?  On this Thanksgiving I'm thankful not to be a member of the blind majority, who don't see a problem with naked body scanners.  Who don't respect the rule of law or the U.S. Constitution.  I'm thankful to understand the difference between liberty and security.