LOLA of the Month, Kirsten Tynan

Meet Kirsten Tynan, the Executive Director of the Fully Informed Jury Association. The Fully Informed Jury Association (FIJA) is a 501(c)(3), nonprofit, nonpartisan, educational outreach organization dedicated to restoring jurors' traditional, legal authority as the final arbiters in our courts of law by educating everyone about jurors' rights, including the right of conscientious acquittal through jury nullification.

Kirsten Tynan

Kirsten has a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and worked as a reliability engineer for 11 years in Arizona before quitting her job, selling her house, and moving to Montana. She began her accidental second career by volunteering for FIJA in 2008 while taking a professional sabbatical. She was hired soon after as National Coordinator and succeeded the previous director at the end of 2013.

A decades-long activist in pro-liberty circles since college in the 1990s, Kirsten has come to eschew most of the political process, recognizing it as a tyranny of the majority in which those who love liberty are a perpetual, struggling minority. She is instead drawn to efforts, such as juror rights outreach, that allow the minority real power to effect change in favor of liberty. She considers conscientious acquittal by jury nullification an effective tool that can be exercised in defense of liberty and justice by the smallest minority—the individual—without anyone else's agreement or cooperation.

In recent months, she has been very busy ensuring that FIJA does its best with its limited resources to support committed juror rights educators, defendants who have been arrested for handing out FIJA literature, and those whose trials have been tampered with by judges and prosecutors trying to quash jurors' knowledge of their right to nullify. She has also been working on updating the FIJA website by making currently available material more accessible and adding new material nearly daily.

Kirsten's goals for 2016 are to produce and disseminate quality scholarship and related outreach materials on jury issues, to bring FIJA more regularly into the national conversation on mass incarceration, to fight aggressively for volunteers' rights to educate jurors and jurors' rights to exercise their consciences in courtrooms, to develop a network of attorneys to assist pro bono in such efforts, to step up fundraising so that FIJA's annual budget for all its programs and efforts nationwide exceeds the average annual salary of a single attorney, and to be able to increase FIJA's staff to above the equivalent of 2 full-time staff for more effective and broader outreach capability.

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