LOLA of the Month, Lucy Steigerwald

Please join us in congratulating our Lady of Liberty of the Month, Lucy Steigerwald!


Lucy is a Pittsburgh-based journalist, blogger, and commentator. She’s a contributing editor and columnist for, and a columnist for She previously worked as an Associate Editor for Reason magazine. Her articles have appeared in Reason, Pittsburgh City Paper, The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, Rare, PolicyMic, and The Libertarian Standard. Steigerwald has appeared on RT, Traces of Reality Radio, Reason TV, and Huffpost Live. She is particularly cranky about the drug war, prisons, cops, and war. Steigerwald blogs with her brother at


Recent work can be found at her weekly Bad Cop Blotter column over at VICE. Her most recent piece at can be found here.


Be sure to keep up with Lucy on Twitter, and YouTube, as well as the Stag Blog on Facebook.



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