Blog Posts - November 2010

Rabbit Hole Rescue, and Other Hoppy Thoughts

By Anonymous, on Nov 28, 2010

Disclaimer: Hoppy as in jumpy, like a rabbit, not, hoppy as in beer. :)


National "Opt Out Day" a Success?

By Nena, on Nov 25, 2010

When passing out flyers yesterday at the airport, the goal was simply to educate people.  There must be a reason why so many people don't mind the naked body scanners (or the possibly worse alternative of being groped). 

To North Korea, Any Attention Is Good Attention

By Nena, on Nov 24, 2010

According to a Foreign Policy article by David Rothkopf about this week's events between North Korea and South Korea, North Korea may just want attention.  

Breaking the mold

By Anonymous, on Nov 23, 2010

[Source: Allison Gibbs]

I am ascending from the cave.

My future is blurry.
inconsistent, wavering
like a mirage in the distance.

But this wind calms me, cools me down
cloaks me in its crisp blanket

and I stood in it. Arms outstretched- eyes closed
taking it in.
evoking that child inside of me

the young woman that takes life by the horns
and is ok with the unknown
relying on fate
and trusting existence.

We lose trust in ourselves and our environment sometimes
attempting to control who we think we should be.
maybe we aren't what we believe we 'should be'
maybe who we are is more beautiful than that pseudo reality.

I want to break the chains I have placed on myself.
the limitations
the 'should's and forceful words
that make it easy to package me in a 3 worded box.

lets stop producing labels
and start evoking the power and love within- no matter how it is perceived
no matter how geeky or stupid it may seem to others

Its time to shine
Its time for my eyes to get used to the brilliance of the sun- the good.

Its time to come out from hiding.
this is me- exposed
this is the good, the bad, the vulnerable

This is my completeness

Take it or leave it.

Righteous Anger

By Anonymous, on Nov 23, 2010

I often hear people in the community speaking of liberty and freedom being taken away.

God gave you natural rights, that no man can take from another, dignity, speech, ideas, movement above all else: choice. You were blessed with choice.

These things cannot be taken, only given away, by your choice of consent.


STOP, think, make a choice.


You're giving away these things is responsible for the lost potential of all of humanity.


11/24: National Opt Out Day

By Nena, on Nov 22, 2010

You are not required by law to submit to the x-ray imaging scanners at the airport security. You may simply state "I opt out," and you will not have to subject yourself to this privacy infringement that also happens to be bad for your health.  Unfortunately, the likely security screening alternative is the TSA's "enhanced pat down" which could feel like sexual assault (if so, please report it)...

Thank you David Nolan

By Anonymous, on Nov 21, 2010

[Source: Allison Gibbs]

This is the end of an era.

We are all in this pilgrimage of our life.
Our souls searching for purpose- exposing ourselves to other souls which could be argued are other versions of ourselves.

We are always learning and growing.
And I am lamenting his loss.
Buckley singing my lamentations as my gratitude for his existence slides down my cheeks
these water droplets are salty.
but are a delicious taste and reminder of my adoration.

Death doesn't scare me
I respect it.
Just as I respect him, his lessons, his continual happy jovial nature.

I spoke with him that same day,
telling him how much I respected him.
Not because of ideology, but because of his fortitude.
He never gave up. He never backed down.

He stood up for other mentors of mine-
He never followed what was popular, but what was right.

He saw more in this existence than material formations.
He saw potential in people like me.
He saw something in me that made me want to work harder for him.

He was the kind of person you Wanted to work hard for.
HE was an inspiration for us entrepreneurs.
For those of us that want to make a difference in our existence.
For those of us that believe in love and sunshine.

David never had a scowl, and in every interaction with me- refused to let me say "i can't"
He pushed me.
He wouldn't Let me give up.

He will be missed.
I can only hope in my limited life to achieve what he has.

I can only hope to take his message and heart-
and spread a fraction of that out.
To give strength to future Allison Gibbs'
To be that flashlight guiding the futures path.

I ask that I understand and execute the lessons his presence has awakened me to.
Thank you David Nolan for being a mentor, a confidant, a source of inspiration, and a good person.

I will miss you terribly
but I will take your passing as the passing of a torch to my generation.
For us to get off our asses and fulfill that inspiration you have ignited in us.

Thank you.

Are You a Coward?

By Anonymous, on Nov 20, 2010

There are those days, that happen quite often

when your intelligent friends post amazing, and thought-provoking quotes.

LOLA Spotlight: Smeg Mclain

By Anonymous, on Nov 17, 2010

From Silver Circle Movie Underground,

Not only did this woman take a stand against the state, she is a real Silver Circle Rebel.  You might remember her from our “Flesh for Silver” event.  She sports the Rebel silver round tattoo on her arm and firmly believes in alternative currency and functioning without the federal government. Yet, today we have another reason to highlight this educated activist.

Does the United Nations do more harm than good?

By Nena, on Nov 17, 2010

At least sometimes, the answer is yes.  This coming from someone who learned 3 United Nations languages with the hopes of some day working there.  That was before I began to find out more about "successful" U.N. missions (they're few and far between).  Liberia is considered a success but 4 years after the fact they still have 8,000 U.N. troops there.  Many consider the mission in the Balkans to be a success while others are calling for a return of U.N. efforts to Bosnia.

How would you improve your local school system?

By Anonymous, on Nov 16, 2010

In response to generous donation of $100 million dollars by Facebook's  Mark Zuckerberg, the Partnership for Education in Newark was formed and is organizing a canvassing campaign in order to ask Newark residents what improvements they would like to see in the school system. I can't help but think what a completely ridiculous campaign this is given that most parents don't have the experience necessary to give any very meaningful answers. For the majority, the only experience they've had with schooling is with the failing public city schools.

Shame, Shame TSA

By Anonymous, on Nov 16, 2010


To properly write an op-ed regarding the never-spoken-of insensitivity, and depravity, of the TSA palm and finger fondle security grope. I must at least gloss over my story.


Here's hoping the ducks stay lame

By Nena, on Nov 15, 2010

There are a few issues the outgoing Democrats in DC are likely to try to push through during the lame duck session, but those more likely to be addressed boil down to economics.  Do we have enough money to spend more (i.e. Omnibus spending bill)?  Should we tax more (i.e. let the Bush tax cuts expire) to make up for the fact that we don't?  

Property Rights Absolutism

By Anonymous, on Nov 12, 2010

I know the short-hand of slapping labels onto ourselves is probably a bad idea. When someone says "I'm a Democrat" or "I'm a Republican", invariably the mind of the audience is narrowed and what they really hear is "I'm a hippie socialist" or "I'm a war-mongering douchebag".  Still, I guess if I had to choose one of those shorthand terms with which to self-identify, it would be An-cap.

TSA pushes the limits

By Nena, on Nov 12, 2010

Pilots and flight crew have recently started speaking up against the TSA abusing their power with the new body scanners (or their similarly creepy alternative, a full-body patdown -- even for kids) -- I wonder if they're remembering the famous quote "those who would sacrifice liberty for security deserve neither"...

The NAP and Ostracism

By Anonymous, on Nov 12, 2010

Love Love

The NAP and Ostracism

By Anonymous, on Nov 11, 2010

[Source: Allison Gibbs]

How do we define Liberty?

To me its all based on the Non- Aggression Principle and the Free Market analysis.
I choose to live my life as I see fit and believe I should have the freedom to do so as long as I don't initiate force or fraud on another human being. I take it farther than some would, believing that there is bad juju out there that can be defined in my eyes as force. I believe in manipulative emotional force, and I can best describe it as intentionally attempting to harm someone through manipulation tactics. Breaking someone down intentionally through bad juju is unacceptable to me.
The solution for such acts? Well, the anarchist in me says Ostracism. It is key in a free society. You are what you put into the world, and if your output is negative and harming to others, then your reputation will prove your judge and jury.

Ostracism is a free market principle I believe, as is the non agression principle. You must be honest in your dealings and in your nature to be trusted as far as your person and your product. Your name goes a long way in society and adhereing to the NAP helps you to propel in society.

Everyone has the freedom to behave as they see fit, and chances are- if you are adhering to the NAP and folks still attack- that it has something to do within them- not you.

Rebel of the Week: Whistle Blower, TAKE 2!

By Anonymous, on Nov 3, 2010

After the recent Wikileaks news, what is better than more whistle blowers?  This time our whistle blower/Rebel hails from the trading sector.  His name is Andrew Maguire.