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Grieving The Loss of Amerika pt.2

By Anonymous, on Sep 29, 2010

Awaken From The Illusion 


FBI and Anti-war Activists

By Anonymous, on Sep 28, 2010

By now I'm sure you've seen the article about how the FBI admits to conducting raids on antiwar activists homes. I  was hoping to make it out to the Chicago protest with some handmade bumper stickers (labels and sharpies) and my little sign ("terrorist (n) - one who uses terror or fear to intimidate others i.e. cops,F.B.I., C.I.A.) but traffic did not allow me to get there in time. However, I'd like to make sure people can try to get out to these protests so here's the email:

Lesser Known Historical Days

By Anonymous, on Sep 27, 2010

I know you probably can't think up any historical events on this day, but September 27th marks the publication of the first antifedealist paper.  

Fair warning:As someone who's spent a fair time pouring over Antifederalist materials, I will likely be posting about them again in the future. 

"The Americans: A View from Abroad" ~ A New Documentary

By Anonymous, on Sep 26, 2010


"The Americans: A View from Abroad"

Now in production, a new documentary exploring current opinions of the U.S.A, her people and her policies, from a distinctly female perspective. The film will feature interviews with prominant women in the fields of art, culture, education, media and politics, in various countries. Also included will be spontaneous interviews in public settings, cafes, parks, etc.

Bor-Lando Behavior

By Anonymous, on Sep 22, 2010

As a resident, I can make snide remarks about the inadequacies of my city's social dealings. But thankfully, I would be hard pressed to speak about the inadequacies of our local liberty brigade. They are out in full "force" causing a stir amongst citizens, reporters and police officers alike. Lawful or Unlawful? Does it matter anymore?

Check out phase one of their civil disobedience campaign followed by the bevy of attention they have garnered all over the web...

As FTL and other new sources report:  Local liberty activists have been caught...

First unlawfully feeding the homeless...

Then more Orlando activists are spotted protesting drug policy by openly daring the police to take action by publicly admitting marijuana possession... marijuana not a crime in Orlando??

Next they are on the scene protesting a local officer's violent reaction to an elderly man grabbing his shoulder. The man is being held in critical condition and as of right now is still expected to be charged with "assault" after he recovers.

Lastly, Orlando is conducting some FIJA [Fully Informed Jury Association] outreach outside the courthouse in downtown.

orlando copwatch

Rhetorical skills shine while economy tanks

By Anonymous, on Sep 22, 2010

Therein  lies the story with the current regime. It is as if they are playing a part when responding to real questions on the state of the economy.

When Nancy Pelosi harkens from the pulpit that the ONLY thing that can save the economy is unemployment benefits, we all giggle. We think back astonished when we recall that she also stated "economists will tell you". It is as if these people are completely out of touch with economic reality.  

Are We All Criminals Now?

By Anonymous, on Sep 21, 2010

Local activists set out to expose a nonsense public ordinance. Here's to some good, clean, disobedient fun.

From their website: "On August 23, 2010 Liberty activists from the Orlando area gathered in front of Orlando City Hall to intentionally violate a City Ordinance banning "Group Feeding" (25 or more persons) within a 2 mile radius of city hall.. All local media was alerted prior to our demonstration and City Hall members were even invited to join us. We violated this law and were able to feed over 100 homeless people without any confrontations with local law enforcement. We hope to continue this trend and explore the freedom of assembly by applying the same tactic to Public Assembly Ordinances."

This got some attention on free talk live too...

Find out more! city hall sandwich club

Boston Freedom Rally

By Anonymous, on Sep 20, 2010

I recently spent my past Saturday at the one-day-only legalize it event on Boston Commons.  Boston Freedom Rally is one of the few times in this country thousands of people partake in marijuana use with cops present, and are not bothered.

The majority of attendees were youth.   I went with a student in the area and did some interviewing.  My favorite encounter was with a group of women that were there promoting a magazine.  The magazine was similar to that of Vogue, except everything promoted within focused on the use of hemp and marijuana in our day to day culture and lives. 

I had a chance to talk to one of the women about the Drug War and was happy to hear what she had to say.  Here's a tid bit of our conversation...

Changing The Perception of Anarchists (or Whatever you Choose to Call Yourself)

By Anonymous, on Sep 20, 2010

I didn't really expect to write another post but I woke up this morning and had what I feel is a great idea.

Partially inspired  by Momma Ally, my friend who survived Leukemia who aims to sign up 15,000 people on the bone marrow registry, and this video I haven't been able to stop watching all weekend:



Badass Females in History #1

By Anonymous, on Sep 15, 2010



Against the grain

By Anonymous, on Sep 9, 2010

[Source: Allison Gibbs]

The arms of the future are expanding before me
Opening up
awaiting my entrance.
It lures me in with its loving affectation
and I am drunk on its magnitude

A new channel
A new future

And I won't wait forever

It feels as if I am standing at the edge
My eyes slowly close
producing tears of finalization
and I feel my arms begin to outstretch
until they expand to the point of tingling

I stand, head lifted- intaking that delicate scent of the swaying breeze

I can't wait
for this is the moment when I realize who and what I am

I am free
I am as this breeze, blowing freely
And its time to take that next step
that next step forward
into the unknown
into the future

Why is the future so intriguing to us?
Why do I feel excitement yet fear?

Why, as I stand outstretched- do I bite my lip?

I can't wait forever

Its a new season
And I am ready to take it on
whatever may come.

Because I have a calmness in my heart-
and a desire to remain optimistic.
and I have a tendency to go against the grain.
It is time to give in and let go

This is my signal fire.

It is time to fall into the abyss

and I am letting go
and I am following my heart