LOLA of the Month, Whitney Neal

Meet Whitney Neal, the marketing director of the Bill of Rights Institute and former director of Grassroots for FreedomWorks. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Relations and a Master’s Degree in Public Policy and Administration with an emphasis in Education Policy.

Whitney Neal headshot

Whitney was an 8th grade teacher for five years in Texas before moving to Washington, DC to pursue a career in politics. Since then, she has become a vocal advocate for liberty through print and broadcast media.

She has appeared on Fox News, CNN, ABC News, NBC News, The Blaze, Wilkow, Glenn Beck Radio, Hannity Radio, Fox News Radio, and more. Whitney has spoken to hundreds of groups across the country, from small local organizations to large crowds of 7,000+ individuals and has testified in several state legislatures on matters relating to education reform and school choice along with general government transparency and accountability. In addition, she has contributed to, Red State, Smart Girl Politics, and several other news outlets. 

A fan of all things Texas - including Mexican food, country music, BBQ, floating the river, and flip flop weather - Whitney also enjoys traveling across the country, meeting new people and spreading the message of liberty. When not busy with education reform, campaigning, and general activism, you can find her hanging out with family, catching up on politics, being a complete and total space geek, reading the classics, shoe shopping, or cheering on the Oklahoma Sooners, New York Giants, Dallas Stars, Texas Rangers, and San Antonio Spurs.

Whitney is very passionate about fiscally conservative politics and education reform. We appreciate her work and that's why she is our LOLA of the Month this month.

Whitney's YouTube channel is packed with videos promoting school choice and discussing modern educational topics. Be sure to check out Whitney’s website and follow her on Twitter.


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