LOLA of the Month, Sarah Pelletier

Meet Sarah Pelletier, a founder and leader of the first LOLA Social student chapter, at the University of Albany.

Sarah Pelletier


Sarah is a student at the University at Albany studying sociology and political science. She got her start in the movement in 2013 when she joined her school's YAL chapter and served on the executive board as media director. She then went on to start her own student group and deciphered that LOLA was the perfect fit since the UAlbany campus was seriously lacking in female activists.

The UAlbany LOLA chapter has brought together female liberty activists who connect on many levels, including rejecting the idea of groupthink and empowering women as individuals, encouraging girls to be supportive of one another rather than competing with one another, and, in their upcoming Food Freedom event, they plan to educate and inform other women on ways to maintain a healthy eating lifestyle without sacrificing taste or going hungry.

Sarah lives with her boyfriend, Skyler, New York State Chair for Young Americans for Liberty in Albany, NY. She enjoys singing, wine, and leading other liberty ladies to find their voices.



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