How to Get More Women Involved

If we are to succeed as a movement, we need to continually ask ourselves what we can do better. Getting more women in your liberty group or at your liberty events may be more work, but the Ladies of Liberty Alliance believes that more women in the movement will be a catalyst for the perpetual and exponential growth we need to create the change we wish to see in the world. Download our guide below.


The "How to Get More Women Involved" guide considers what policy issues motivate women, how our movement can reach out to women specifically, and how we can encourage participation and keep women engaged.

          Everyone is a libertarian about something, whether they know it or not. We must communicate our ideas with compassion to attract thinking AND caring people. After all, we are working for positive change and these are exciting ideas that are much bigger than ourselves. We are the future!


Special thanks to everyone who participated in creating this guide: Sharon Harris, Angela Keaton, Christy Horpedahl, Sharon Presley, Cat Bleish, Blayne Bennett, Laura Delhomme, Kat Murti, LaDonna Stapleton, and an extra special thank you to Stephanie Stolba, for her contributions to this project and many of our others.

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